BBC Live Interview

The BBC live interview went really well! Here is the link you can listen to it (approx for 3mins: starting 0:40:09, ending 0:43:00).

EL Sajjadah on BBC News Website!

As of this morning, we are on BBC News website! There is a nice video there, which will give you further insight into EL Sajjadah and our studio. 

Also, we just received a call from the nice people of BBC and they asked us to talk about EL Sajjadah on their NewsHour programme 20:50 BST. And we said YES :) 

This is going to be a LIVE programme and you will be able to listen to it here at World Service Radio at BBC News Radio website. 20:50 BST tonight, it is.

EL Sajjadah on Milliyet news website, Turkey

Read the article here.

EL Sajjadah on news site Haber Turk, Turkey

Read the article, accompanied with video, here

EL Sajjadah on Hurriyet, Turkey

See the article here.

EL Sajjadah on BBC Uzbekistan

Following our interview with the BBC this week, EL Sajjadah has appeared on the BBC Uzbekistan website. Take a look here (if you can speak Uzbek!).

EL Sajjadah on Turkish News Website TRT

See the article here.

EL Sajjadah You Tube video goes viral!

The Kickstarter Campaign video has had over 100k views in just 4 days!

As you will all appreciate, this is a big number! We cannot help but think: ‘If every single person out of that 100K people had pledged $1 each, then we would have already reached our $100,000 goal!' :)

Holy Tech! EL Sajjadah is on Mashable

Today Mashable, one of the most influential technology blogs in the websphere posted about EL Sajjadah. This is great news for us, as Mashable have almost 3 million followers on Twitter, so it’s going out to a huuuuge worldwide audience!

Twitter has gone mad following the post, quickly becoming the trending topic! Literally hundreds of people have retweeted so far. Here’s a few of the accompanying comments: 'Holy tech indeed…', 'This is actually pretty cool…', 'Incredible new concept…', 'Interesting blend of tech and religious tradition…', 'How convenient…', 'Genious…', someone even went: 'I might convert just for this…' 

We are very happy with the response!

See the Mashable article here.

EL Sajjadah on The Atlantic Cities blog

"Typically, to find the location of Mecca for the necessary five prayers per day, the world’s 1.6-billion Muslims might use a Qibla compass or a street sign. Outdoorsy types might use the sun’s location or moss on the trees. But in a world of ubiquitous GPS, surely there has to be a better, or at least nerdier, way.

Enter the Soner Ozenc Product Design Studio, which has crafted a prayer mat fit for the modern needs of any gadget-loving believer.”

Read the whole article here.